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Vero is one of those projects that we are humbled to be a part of. Vero makes a product that is literally hurricane-proof, costs less to build, and greatly reduces carbon emissions. We created a brand, logo, website and social media creative.



'Tis All in a Name

Not long after we started working with the company, the client requested that we stop working on everything and come up with a few names. Of course, as with any brand, we first started looking for available domain names. We were very happy to find that the client's first choice was available.

Then, we needed a visual brand. Fast.

The client was already on a tight deadline, so we got to work with a new logo and visual identity. We developed multiple logos and color versions, to be used for different purposes. The "V" icon was instantly...iconic. This icon represents angles present in great architecture, a nod to Churches, barns, and fine homes.

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Next, a Web Destination Worthy of the Brand

We have to confess. We absolutely love this client and their vision for the future. They literally build the safest homes on the planet - resistant to all kinds of extreme weather, flooding, fire, and even 50 caliber bullets. We wrote all of the website copy, brochure copy and designed the entire website. We are very proud of this one - a strong brand for a great client, a clear message with a clear difference.

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Social Media

Finally - Introducing the Brand to the World

Once the website was completed, the client asked us to create several different looks for their social media posts. We developed 4 distinct styles. We think they are all pretty awesome...and so did the client. Ultimately, we did land on the orange / white template.

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